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Love it! It's become my favorite baby bib now. Definitely would recommend it!" 

- Hannah

Not only do they look beautiful, but the extra-wide coverage helps keep your little one's clothes clean, so less washing for you.

  • Extra coverage to actually keep your little one's clothes clean at mealtime
  • Comfortable and waterproof with hook and loop to adjust as your baby grows
  • Easy to clean, simply wipe with a cloth or cold machine wash to give you more time
  • Less mess with our handy food catcher to catch all those spills and crumbs
    • The perfect bib for baby-led weaning. Irresistibly cute, comfortable, and washable with extra coverage to keep your little ones' clothes clean and save you from yet another load of washing.

      Lightweight, roll it up, pop it in the diaper bag and take out to restaurants, cafe's or to a friends house.


    • Our deep front pocket bibs are perfect for baby-led weaning to catch any food and crumbs, meaning less mess! The best part...this will help keep your baby, the highchair and the surrounding area clean! Win!
    • Our bibs are suitable from 6 - 24 months, with a hook and loop fastening for a quick, adjustable fit. They are lab-tested, BPA, PVC and phthalate-free, super soft and not irritable to wear for toddlers or infants new to eating.

      Simply wipe the bib with a clean cloth, run it under a tap or throw it into the washing machine at 30 degrees before hanging to dry. One less thing to disrupt your day!

    Customer Reviews

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    Cuteness Overload

    I purchased this baby bib for a friend s baby shower and she absolutely loved it!My first impression was that the bib was well made and so I felt good about giving it as a gift. It came quickly looked just as pictured. As a Mom knowing that it is easy to clean and waterproof was a must when making my decision!I had a hard time choosing between the colors as they re both so sweet for a little girl but went with the lilac for something a little different. I think I ve found my go-to baby shower gift. Thanks Willow and Sim!

    Harder to clean than most bibs

    Bibs are a constant necessity for when you have babies beginning with solids. Messes are going to be made and you won t be able to avoid them. You can only hope to contain them. Most bibs are on the smaller side. Sure they ll help the baby stay clean on the front of them but what about their shoulders? Not only does this bib have shoulder coverage but it also is longer than most. That s a good thing!However with the greatness it has in size it lacks in other ways. The material is waterproof in that water will not go through it onto the baby but it s a material that is difficult to dry. It takes a long time compared to our other rubber bibs.Another aspect that I don t like very much is the velcro attachment. I m not a fan of velcro in general but with this bib there is very little of it to attach to. And with such little material to hold together it is effortless for my little one to take it off. And that s not good! It doesn t take long for a baby to make a mess defeating the purpose of the bib.But if you can stand washing it a lot and drying it a lot it s a decent bib. It s harder to clean but it does the job as long as it stays on. I wish they had more velcro on the back attachment or a loop or some other functioning closure.There are other bibs out there that are probably better. I like the rubber ones that are very easy to clean and are waterproof. They also have loops or buttons instead of velcro.

    Very adorable and high quality.

    This baby bib is very adorable! I got the Scallop Shell color it is quite pretty. The quality of it is very high. The material is soft and comfortable. The design is very nice it has extra coverage to keep the baby s cloth clean. Also it is easy to clean and dry quickly. Love it! It becomes my favorite baby bib now. Definitely would recommend it!

    Very cute and high quality

    I love these bibs! We bought 4 to ensure we would have enough in rotation because we all know little people can be wild eaters. My baby is 8 months for reference and she should be able to wear them for quite a while. These are very high quality adorable colors and clean very easily. I wish they came down just a tad longer but they re perfect for what she needs right now and for the next year (and I simply tuck them into the high chair as she s wearing it to keep her legs clean). I like that they re wide. I definitely prefer them over the silicone bibs we have.

    Perfect lightweight easy to clean bib!

    Love this bib! It s super lightweight so much more comfortable for baby and easier to take on the go than the silicone bibs. The pink color is a lovely soft muted pink/ blush. Highly recommend!